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Breakthrough Treatment Options for Depression, PTSD, and Other Mental Health Conditions ...

Revitalist Offers a New Source of Relief for Washington D.C. Residents



Revitalist is here to help our clients get access to innovative new treatment options that help provide rapid relief to the symptoms of their mood disorder.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Sheila C

"I love this place and ALL the employees who have become my friends over the past year. My daughter suffers from depression and our only option was shock therapy till we found Revitalist and I can say that they have saved her life. I started the infusions and my migraine and fibromyalgia which are so much better. I wish everyone would give this a try."

Jacob W

"Great people doing this for the right reasons. The infusions have literally changed my life. For those looking for these infusions do your homework...the infusion centers are not all the same. There's a reason I drive 3 hours to go to Revitalist. In my medical history I have never been part of a place that is so caring, responsive, and invested in my well being. I cannot recommend them enough."

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